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Multi Engine Course
The multi engine add-on is the next step in your aviation journey

Obtaining Multi Engine Rating requires at least a Private Pilot License Certificate. Shooting for a career as a professional pilot, gaining more experience as a pilot or just learning something new, the multi engine add on is the next step in your aviation journey. Multi-engine aircraft seem to be complicated or difficult to fly, but not after you have undertaken multi engine training. Flying a multi-engine aircraft comes with a lot of responsibility and requires a higher level of piloting skill because of the increased complexity of the aircraft.  Proper tools and decision making skills to acquire confidence are part and parcel of the training program.

To obtain a Multi-Engine Rating, you must complete Equipment Qualification Course (EQC) and fly at least ten (10) hours of flight on the particular aircraft. Passing written and practical test from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) is necessary to have multi engine rating on the issued pilot certificate.


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